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AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials | Allin1hub Reviews | Certifications | Cloud Computing Free Course

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

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Hello Learners!

Here's another course review coming from us, today it is about the future! Yes it's about Cloud Computing. Now if you have heard about Cloud Computing and wondered ever how all the computers near by can access the same the information as you, then you need to do this course. It is provided for free by AWS...That's huge. (This Allin1hub Review will help you know if you should this course or not)

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is accessing the on demand services over the internet for your business with pay only how much you use module. It loaded with technologies, financial services and many more to assist you with expanding and running your business.

What Is Allin1hub?

What do you do when searching for free online course, blogs which can answer your career, life questions and also the practice tests? You Google & visit many websites or you search on YouTube. Now it takes time & we have solved this problem by gathering every quality course (From Microsoft, IBM, Google, AWS), blogs, practice tests from all over internet at one place. Link to the website --

Before we start let's look at some course details:

Offered By: AWS

Cost: Free!!

Certificate: Yes from IBM + You get Certificate from IBM (See the video to know what it is)

Duration: 6 learning hours Only

Target Audience: Beginners ( Basic technical And Business knowledge)

In this blog you will get the answer to the following questions:

1. What is the Cloud Practioner Essentials course by AWS all about?

2. Why you should do this course?

3. Content of the course

4. Main Attraction to do this course (Cloud Watch)

5. My Experience

1. What is the Cloud Essentials course by AWS all about?

As we all know cloud computing is storing information and accessing it whenever we require it. This course teaches you about the key services which you will use, such as Auto Scaling which are useful when the storage reaches a limit and the alarm is triggered and the storage is expanded or reduced accordingly. Seems interesting? Think of this if your phone can expand or reduce it storage as the situation demands. Doing this course will help you understand more interesting concepts.

2. Why you should do this course?

  • Since it's from AWS and you get a certificate you get to learn lot of things from start to end

  • Very interactive course and less hrs (6hours)

  • Future is all about Cloud Computing as after AWS many more Cloud Computing services are coming up

  • Complex concepts are explained in a simple way

3. Course outline

A - Cloud Concepts Introduction

B - AWS Core Services

C - AWS Enhanced Services

D - AWS Architecture


F - Pricing and Support

Final Exam

Now, remember every module has a submodule as well and after completion of each module you need to pass a quiz test it's short. At the last, there is a final exam, Best of Luck!

4. Main Attraction: Cloud Watch is the best part of this course, so watch out for it!

5. My Experience:

Completely worth your time! Before enrolling to this course I knew very little about cloud computing and its usage. After doing this course, I can understand the details and the future of technology. Such as how we are going to store and use the data. I would personally recommend anyone who wants to learn cloud computing should start from here... Let us know what you think!

6. Course Link:

If you are interested in a video review then check the below video!

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