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Blockchain online course free by IBM | For Beginners | Allin1hub Reviews | Certificate + Badge

Updated: Dec 25, 2021

Hello Learners!

Here's another course review coming from us, today it is about the future! Yes it's about Blockchain. Now if you have heard about Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency then you need to do this course. It is provided for free by IBM...That's huge. (This Allin1hub Review will help you know if you should this course or not)

What is Blockchain?

With the help of blockchain you can record the transactions made with cryptocurrency. Example- Bitcoin. It is the more secure way to do transactions between two business.

What Is Allin1hub?

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Before we start let's look at some course details:

Offered By: IBM

Cost: Free!!

Certificate: Yes from IBM + You get Badge from IBM (See video to know what it is)

Duration: 3 learning hours Only

Target Audience: Beginners (No need of any technical knowledge)

In this blog you will get answer to following questions:

1. What is Blockchain Essentials course by IBM all about?

2. Why you should do this course?

3. Content of the course

4. Main Attraction to do this course (Car Demo)

5. My Experience

1. What is Blockchain Essentials course by IBM all about?

Firstly this course is for beginners it doesn't matter if you are from non-tech or tech field you can do course. You will get to learn what is blockchain and how it works, it's type, why it's secure. The main part is the Car example as they have shown how blockchain is used for every car. Example- if you are car owner then the information about car is not only known by you alone or by the seller yet also by the insurer, admins, police and some more people. In future blockchain will be used to track the engine oil, if any criminal records, speed of car and many other things. So indirectly you will not able to control you car 100 Percent! It's scary right? Well just do this course and you wil get to know some more interesting things.

2. Why you should do this course?

  • Since it's from IBM and you not only get certificate yet also the badge

  • You get to learn lot of things from start to end

  • Very interactive course and less hrs (3hours)

  • Future is all about blockchain as after bitcoin many more cryptocurrencies are coming up

  • Complex concepts are explained in a simple way

3. Content of the course

Mod 1 - What is Blockchain?

Mod 2 - Example Blockchain Networks

Mod 3 - IBM and Blockchain

Demo - Vehicle Lifecycle Demo (The Best Part!)

Final Exam

Now remember every module has a sub module as well and after completion of each module you need to pass a quiz test it's short. At the last there is a final exam for which the minimum passing mark for the course is 70%.

4. Main Attraction: Car Demo is the best thing in this course you need to have a look at it, it's the future.

5. My Experience:

Super course! everyone should this course as they have focused more on practical things rather than theory which is important. We don't normally see this. Before I used to think that bitcoin and blockchain are different yet after got to know that bitcoin is the application of yes it really helped me learn something new!

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