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Updated: May 22

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Ever watched Netflix or Amazon Prime? Wondered where are all the videos stored? And how are they streaming so fast?

Well, the answer is cloud computing. Whenever you hear service is hosted online such as,,, and more, you must remember only these 3 words- Hosted on Cloud.

This can your motive to learn Cloud Computing or,

Or you can have another motive to learn cloud computing is: 21 LPA as the annual salary for Cloud Architect ( source: Ambition box )

What is Cloud Computing?

In simple words, cloud computing is the service, where you get all the computing services from servers, infrastructure, database, networking, security, analytics, and more for your company.

Now that you have understood cloud computing simple words, the salary of the Cloud Architect, this guide is to begin the journey. It starts now!

Step 1: Read Multiple blogs

As a regular practice, you might have been used to starting learning a topic from an online course, a private class, or a college degree. The downsides with this method are

  1. It is costly- both in time and money

  2. The course is not usually completed

  3. Unknown factor whether the course is updated or not

Here is a solution that is difficult yet will last for help you immediately

Start reading multiple blogs and articles from the best writers in the world. They provide you will with career guidance from choosing the path, finding the course, showing the roadmaps, and also providing personalized tips from their experience.

With that in mind, we collected the best blogs from all over the internet and arranged them. This arrangement is created on the basis of beginner to advanced. More than 100+ blogs arranged only on blogs from the industry experts explaining the what, why, and how of computing.

cloud computing blogs from google, ibm, universities, experts and leaders
Cloud Computing Blogs, Articles, Career Maps | Allin1hub

Over 2000 students and job seekers tried & tested this method in 2021.

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As promised, this platform is determined to be the guiding light of your career journey.

And as the quote goes- To be the best, learn from the best!

But what do you learn?

Step 2: A quick Google search will tell you everything

And the next confusion- Where do I learn all these skills?

Confusion after confusion!

So to solve this we gathered all the best courses, master classes, and skills from the best professors, universities, and industry leaders such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Cisco, and IBM and created a curated list where you will learn everything from beginner to advanced level step by step.

free cloud computing courses from all over the internet, companies such as google, ibm and more
Cloud Computing Courses From IBM, Microsoft & More | Allin1hub

Learn to be the best, from the best with 500+ Courses, available on your phone every day!

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You better start making notes, otherwise, you won't get your dream job.

Why is that so?

Listen to this story, a bladesmith knew everything about forging the blade yet when the time came, he couldn't make the blade. Why is this?

Of all the daunting factors, the vital one was, he missed the practice itself.

No great athlete is made by just watching tons of videos and learning from the coaches,

they need to practice it.

The more you do it, the better you become at it ~Allin1hub

After going through the journey of confusion, you now are ready to get tested and show your worth! This will boost your self-confidence and help you attend the interview with the best practical answers.

Step 3:

With that in mind, we have collected 100+ tests that you can take to get better, rough up your knowledge, and also develop projects.

free cloud computing test from best cloud computing websites
Free Cloud Computing Tests For Your Practice | Allin1hub

Now, are you ready for the interview? You are just 30 seconds away!

Let's recap what your journey looks like

First, you read the best blogs from the industry leaders and experts

Second, you enroll in the course provided by the biggest industries in the world such as IBM, Google, Amazon

Third comes the practice, this is where all the fun is!

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Step 4: The final step is to learn the interview questions: Simple enough!

We went ahead and created all the frequently asked questions ( FAQ ) with all the answers so won't have to look anywhere else.

Remember, it is okay to study for a job and promotion. But at Allin1hub, we encourage learners to know anything new just for fun and enjoyment.

If you are one of that learning for the sake of enjoyment and fun, join our community here. We share all the latest new trends, tips, and timeless principles of tech & personal finance.

This is the new way of learning anything from 2022: the BCTI Method

Blogs, Courses, Tests, Interviews questions

And there is one more thing ( Credit: Apple )

You can learn anything you want from Ai, Data Science, Python, Java, and more in under 30 seconds. And this is the big part, there are interview questions as well!

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