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The What, Why, Who and How SEO works- Allin1hub blogs

Updated: Dec 4, 2021

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Search engine optimization- Allin1hub

What is Search engine optimization (SEO)?

Search engine optimization (SEO) aims to rank your website or individual social media account by drawing enormous amount of traffic and ranking top of search query.

Companies often hires SEO specialist to rank their websites to higher search results for more Authority And to pull more organic traffic from web to be more relevant.

Organic traffic are those traffic who arrive naturally to website and not by paid efforts.

How Search engine optimization (SEO) works?

How SEO works ever wonder how google, Bing and yahoo and other search engine work behind those curtains to give us a relevant search that we are searching.

Basically, SEO is a Digital marketing practice to bring more quality and quantity traffic to a site.

Here's how this thing work, so take example as Google has crawlers and what crawler does this is they crawl goes and find all the content that is relevant to your search query. The crawl bring information in 1s and 0s back to search engine to make index. Then this index is feed through an algorithm that tries to match information related to your search query.

What is HubSpot SEO certification course?

HubSpot provide SEO certified course to those who want to learn and apply these SEO tricks and at end they provide you HubSpot certification unto 1 yr of validity.

What content you will learn from HubSpot Academy SEO course:

1. SEO basic

2. on page and technical SEO

3. Keyword research for SEO by ahrefs and MOZ

4. link building for SEO

5. Analyze site organic traffic

6. Certification exam

Course link of HubSpot Academy SEO certification

Want to learn SEO?

1. SEO keyword guide

2. Google Tools to increase SEO

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