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A complete final year IT grad Job Hunt Guide| Allin1hub Job Guide| Allin1hub Career guide

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

Assuming you are reading to get a job or getting hindsight of the future, the below JOB Hunt guide will pick you up directly to get a job.

FREEMIUM is the new Premium- Understand this!

allin1hub job guide from allin1hub

Everything is available on the internet for FREE! Yes, you have heard it, but what to search to get that free content.

Step 1.

Decide what post you want to apply for Data Scientist, ML engineer, Java Developer, or any other.

a. For this search for career opportunities in IT in 2021 (any of the present year) "

b. Latch on to a field, E.g. Cloud Computing

c. Now that you have found what you to do, now we need to understand what we have to do to get there.

Step 2:

Find the skills required for this Job and the Salary insights as well.

a. For this you can always refer to geekforgeeks, Javatpoint, Edureka, Simplilearn

b. Search for the specific topic related to your JOB hunt, E.g. Javatpoint cloud computing

c. Find the salary insights from Glassdoor, Indeed, LinkedIn, and PayScale (inside note: Aim for long term goal)

Step 3: Plan

a. Mark the calendar to when you have your Interview, E.g. Say 1 month from today

b. Make a list of the topics that you gathered from Step 2.b and make 3 columns: to prepare as fresh, the topic that you already know and the topics that just need to brush up a little.

c. Your day should consider all the 3 columns with 1 topic from every column.

Step 4: Go time!

a. Know the company you are applying to and find the questions that they ask the most and prepare that.

b. For the above step you can refer to PrepInsta, Face Prep, IndiaBix, Conduira, and YouTube as well.

c. Set 2 hours for theory questions and 2 hours for coding and technical questions.

d. For coding, you can practice from geekforgeeks, CodeChef, hackerrank.

Step 5. Connect

a. You are going to an interview so make every possible check for the person who is interviewing you as the same is done for you.

b. Go through the interviewer's company portfolio, LinkedIn and ask a few people if needed.

c. Prepare for the mundane questions as well such as "Why this company only?

Step 6: Interview etiquette

a. Open the door and ask for permission to come in; same goes for sitting

b. Answer to questions should be answered with eye contact with the interviewer.

c. If multiple people, answer by looking at everyone at least for 1 second gives you an upper hand.

d. For this, you can watch interview videos on YouTube. Search for how to give interviews ? By Indeed" or Body language during an interview by CareerVidz"

Step 7: You are there

a. You have given your best shot, now it's time to have patience.

b. In the meantime, repeat this same process for different companies and different job designations- The more you do it, the better you become at it!

This JOB guide is for people who are applying for jobs by themselves and not via campus placements.

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