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Updated: May 28

learn php using bcti method from free courses to interview questions
4 Best Methods To Learn PHP In 2022

What is programming that is used by most CMS systems?

PHP. Hypertext Preprocessor is the full form of PHP. It is the most widely used language for server-side scripting. Used by large firms such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and more. It is like the second swiss army knife in your pocket. It is typically used on websites to generate web page content dynamically.

For college graduates interested in server-side programming, and web development; PHP is an option worth considering. With an average yearly salary of 3.0 LPA ( source: AmbitionBox ), PHP ranks first as the server-side scripting language.

Php programming language google search results on alli1nhub
Google Result For Most Used Server Side Programming Language

How can you get started with your PHP Programming Career?

Wait hold on! Who told you to decide on this as a career? Just kidding!

Starting your career in PHP is exciting to most veterans. Since this language has been around for a longer time than Ruby & JavaScript, there are a lot of resources available on the internet. The first step you need to take is to read blogs written by experts in PHP. Here you will find all the guides, tricks, and career maps related to PHP, and sometimes they even share their personal experience. If you find the gold mine, share the link in the comments below.

With that in mind, we collected the best blogs from all over the internet and arranged them. This arrangement is created based on beginner to advanced. More than 100+ blogs arranged only on blogs from the industry experts explaining the what, why, and how of PHP.

php blogs from google, ibm, universities, experts and leaders
PHP Blogs, Articles, Career Maps | Allin1hub

Over 2000 students and job seekers tried & tested this method in 2021.

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As you are reading articles, and plotting your career map, you might have understood that you need someone to teach you PHP programming language. Now comes the confusion, from whom to learn. As you might have searched, there over millions of free courses available online.

Google Search Result For Best PHP Courses Of 2022 on allin1hub
Google Search Result For Best PHP Courses Of 2022

But to be the best, you have to learn from the best!

free php courses from all over the internet, companies such as google, ibm and more
PHP Courses From IBM, Microsoft & More | Allin1hub

So to solve this we gathered all the best courses, master classes, and skills from the best professors, universities, and industry leaders such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Cisco, and IBM and created a curated list where you will learn everything from beginner to advanced level step by step.

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With the previous step, you are now beaming with confidence. Test out where do you rank with the practice assignments, mock examinations, and coding quizzes from the best resources of PHP available on the internet.

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Free PHP Tests For Your Practice | Allin1hub

Learning is halfway to success, applying what you are learning is the rest of the path.

With that in mind, we have collected 100+ tests that you can take to get better, rough up your knowledge, and also develop projects.

Now, you got that itch! Yeah, we know you! You believe that you can get a job now as a PHP developer and start minting money. Coming to that, you have come so far in your learning journey that this last is a sure way to get you, your dream job!

We have collected the frequently asked interview questions from the best companies. The interview questions include PHP interview questions asked in TCS, Accenture, Wipro, Capgemini, and more.

Remember, it is okay to study for a job and promotion. But at Allin1hub, we encourage learners to know anything new just for fun and enjoyment.

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This is the new way of learning anything from 2022: the BCTI Method

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And there is one more thing ( Credit: Apple )

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