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[2022] 4 Ways to get IOT job ready in under 3 months | BCTI Method

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4 Step Method To Become Job Ready IOT Engineer

As we mark the new arrival of the chipset that is reliable, efficient, and cheap to produce- we enter the age of the Internet Of Things. With all the buzz on Arduino, raspberry pie, and python, the internet world has just taken up on blaze. The chips are already used everywhere from your home, office, toothbrush, watches, and much more. The collection of data is huge and can effectively give you the best behavior patterns that are required.

The exciting part is- it is used in space devices. You can become a specialized IOT engineer for that.

Required more reason and logic- the highest salary of an IOT engineer is

16 LPA ( Source: AmbitionBox )

With that all set for the motivation let's first understand:

What is IOT?

In simple words, IOT is a system where any device that is connected to the internet; shares, receives, and analyses data about the behavior of the user. A simple example is your smartwatch. A smartwatch sends, receives, and analyses your sleep patterns, then accordingly sets your phone brightness, reminders, and sometimes even your doctor's appointments!

Simple enough?

Alright, now let's start your journey to becoming an IOT engineer with the highest salary of 16 Lakhs Per Annum.

As you are confused about what to learn and where to begin your journey, see the journey map below:

learn iot for free using bcti method with creator economy
BCTI Method To Learn IOT In 2022

How to learn IOT in 2022?

Learning from the experts might be the first answer that crossed your mind. Yes! You are right! But still, the question remains- How? The answer, learning from blogs, articles, and research papers. As you know the revolution of #creatoreconomy has started and millions of experts are sharing their knowledge and guidance. All these experts teach the concepts in a clear, simple, and fun way. ( Motto of Allin1hub )

iot job salary
IOT Career Maps, Articles, Salary Insights | Allin1hub

With that in mind, we collected the best blogs from all over the internet and arranged them. This arrangement is created based on beginner to advanced. More than 100+ blogs arranged only on blogs from the industry experts explaining the what, why, and how of IOT

Over 2000 students and job seekers tried & tested this method in 2021.

They also went 1 step ahead to subscribe to our weekly newsletter where we share the latest free course on Data Science, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, and Blockchain along with the personalized blogs, career maps, seminars & meetups, and more

Getting to know a topic inside out and in your own method is the best way to learn anything. As the #creatoreconomy is providing you with the best resources, it is easy to get lost in multiple choices. Yes! It happens. And this gave birth to Allin1hub Course Page.

Here we have gathered all the best courses, master classes, and skills from the best professors, universities, and industry leaders such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Cisco, and IBM and created a curated list where you will learn everything from beginner to advanced level step by step.

Learn to be the best, from the best with 500+ Courses, available on your phone every day!

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Completed! Done! Yahoo! You are halfway into earning your dream job and dream salary. With all the best confidence beaming inside you, the test is the next step 3. Why do you require tests? Without tests, how can you prove to yourself, that what you have learned is what you actually remember? Without tests, how can you show your potential to your employer?

Learning is halfway to success, applying what you are learning is the rest of the path.

With that in mind, we have collected 100+ tests that you can take to get better, rough up your knowledge, and also develop projects.

Here's the moment, you have been waiting for: Job. The only thing that you need to take away from the #bcti method is this. At the end of everything, you will reach a goal, it can be different for everyone, and here at #bcti method it is: Interviews.

We have collected the frequently asked interview questions from the best companies. The interview questions include IOT interview questions asked in TCS, Accenture, Wipro, Capgemini, and more.

Remember, it is okay to study for a job and promotion. But at Allin1hub, we encourage learners to know anything new just for fun and enjoyment.

If you are one of that learning for the sake of enjoyment and fun, join our community here. We share all the latest new trends, tips, and timeless principles of tech & personal finance.